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Libby's Place
What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex
by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"It's like lightning struck. My hair stood on end and I wet myself afterwards."
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Okay, I admit I'm easily amused. *giggles*

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Current Music: Color My World

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I really should get off my sleepy butt and clean the kitchen, get dressed, put more teabags on my eyes... ::giggles:: Good thing nothing major is going on today.
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Libby all made up.
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Libby without glasses.
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Good morning all my sexy friends. It dawned on me this morning that I never disclosed the location of my new playground. Silly shit, eh?

I'm still active, just rarely make personal, individual posts here.

I play with the sex fiends now... ::smirk:: over at Backstreet Bops. Make sure you check there often to see what fun things I and my sexy friends get up to. ::wink::
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::emerges from a much-needed two hour nap, three tylenols and a cool refreshing shower, steps out into the fading light, pulling her cottage door closed behind her. Eyes scan the perimeter, smiles and winks at Sonya who's having a relaxing soak in the hot tub with the Wrights. Walks toward the tented area, spotting AJ, Howie and Angie at the bar. Sidles up to them with a wide grin, throws her arms around AJ and Howie's shoulders, squishing them up close and personal with Angie. Grins at Angie then rakes her gaze over her sexy little bikini top, licks her lips and sighs happily::

You know, kids, if we got this party moving forward another step or two, we could ship the suits and the secondary guests off into the wild blue/black yonder and really get this party hopping.

I'm thinking wet bikini top contests... ::winks at Angie:: ...pin, or rather poke the tail on the Howie, ::winks at AJ:: and some old fashioned get down and dirty mingling. ::winks at Howie::

What say you, my little party animals? Howard, would you like your cake and we could all get to some eatin'?
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The party is going beautifully. I believe everyone has arrived and they've all come with their relaxed smiles and shining eyes. Just perfect. Mr. D seems happy at the moment and that's the most important thing. There's been this hint of anxiety and sadness in his demeanor over the last couple of weeks. I can't imagine being in his shoes... totally in love and not being able to always show it. And Mr. M, flirty little bastard that he is, truly does love him. I see it in the way he glances over to him and smiles, the way he lays a gentle hand on his shoulder or his back as he speaks to him in front of others, the way he teases him. I think they're perfect for each other.

Hormones are high and rampant. The music is better than expected, the food is first rate.

I think we put together a damn good party. I think it's time I pulled that camera out of my sexy little bitch's hands and made her dance with me.
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Again, nice to meet you last night. You're a hot shit, you know that?

The cake is ordered. I have to drop off a picture at the baker's at noon if you really want one on there. Just a question from an outsider, but do you really want a picture of Howie AND Harmony on it? Granted they're both adorable and precious, but isn't Harmony supposedly YOUR dog? Don't you think others would find it odd? And as good of a sport as Howie can be most of the time, I'm kind of thinking seeing a picture of himself on a cake would be embarassing for him. Any other ideas?

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